The Competition

The lack of awareness, forward thinking and promotion of ethical investing is incredibly frustrating. Despite the market for such investments, ESG still remains largely ill defined and misunderstood. Ensuring ethical investing is properly defined will be beneficial to the growth of our returns, and our world. This essay competition seeks to encourage dialogue and discussion of the future of ethical investing and doing so help push it into the mainstream.

So what’s the topic?

It’s broad! We want you to answer the question “what is the future of ethical investing”

Our panel is looking for people who have thought deeply about where the industry goes next; about the steps that can be taken to better define esg; how you can encourage your colleagues to engage with the topic.

The Rules

Your essay must be submitted by midday on the 15th December 2020 to

Your essay must be between 800 – 1500 words.

Full ownership rights to the essay remain yours and you’re more than welcome to reproduce anywhere else you see fit.

You grant us permission to publish your essay, with full credit to yourself, on our website or in another format, as part of a celebration of the competition.

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